Daily Horoscope: January 17, 2021

The moon in Pisces meets Neptune at 4:35 AM, creating a dreamy and sensitive atmosphere. The moon connects with powerful Pluto at 3:55 PM, finding us exploring deep emotions. Jupiter clashes with Uranus at 5:50 PM, bringing unexpected changes; the way we understand the world is undergoing a shift. The moon connects with the sun at 10:44 PM, inspiring a confident mood.

All times ET.


Your social life is expanding in exciting ways and with that, you’re adjusting your budget, not just financially, but in terms of how much time and energy you put toward certain communities and goals. Things are getting rearranged as Jupiter clashes with Uranus today.


Astrologers have long called your stubborn, Taurus, but with wildcard Uranus in your sign, you’re surprising everyone, especially today as Uranus clashes with Jupiter, finding you in an especially experimental mood. Exciting moves are made in your career.


Expansive Jupiter clashes with chaotic Uranus and absolutely anything can happen today! Unexpected news from abroad may arrive. Sudden realizations take place. Your intuitive abilities are alight, dear Gemini!


Uranus is the planet of unpredictability and as it clashes with Jupiter today, it’s impossible for us to guess what will happen. Stay open-minded: The future is coming and anything is possible!


Unexpected shifts take place in your relationships as Jupiter clashes with Uranus, but amazing transformations are also possible, so don’t be afraid of change, Leo!


Changes take place in your daily life as Jupiter clashes with Uranus, dear Virgo. Your routine is changing, and while that can be annoying or disruptive, this could ultimately bring you more freedom and flexibility.


Jupiter clashes with Uranus today, which may be incredibly liberating—but sudden changes can bring up insecurities, so take things slow and engage with what bring you pleasure.


Big changes are taking place at home and in your relationships, Scorpio! Jupiter clashes with Uranus, marking an important shift. Things may feel over-the-top and unpredictable right now, so be gentle with yourself!


Your ruling planet Jupiter clashes with unruly Uranus today, bringing unexpected news. You may have a sudden change of mind about things. Your schedule is being rearranged!


Expansive Jupiter clashes with electric Uranus, bringing unexpected changes: Big wins may take place, but the rollercoaster-like energy asks you to refrain from being impulsive or placing bets, as big losses may take place.


Jupiter clashes with your ruling planet Uranus today, bringing big changes at home. You’ve grown out of your old environment and everything needs to be upgraded!


Your ruling planet Jupiter clashes with wildcard Uranus, finding you having unexpected but important intuitive insights. Unexpected news also arrives. Possibilities feel endless right now!

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