Daily Horoscope: January 28, 2021

The moon in Leo opposes Saturn at 6:41 AM, which may find us holding in our feelings, but not for long! The moon clashes with Uranus at 10:11 AM, finding us taking some unexpected turns. Venus meets Pluto at 11:18 AM, and themes like beauty. envy, money, obsession, lust, and power are highlighted.

The full moon in Leo arrives at 2:16 PM, marking a powerful moment for emotional release! Leo rules the heart: Are you following yours? The moon opposes Jupiter at 2:39 PM and clashes with Mars at 5:32 PM—watch out for big emotions and tempers. The sun meets Jupiter at 8:40 PM, inspiring generosity…and big egos!

All times ET.


When was the last time you had FUN, Aries? With lockdowns in place, you can’t party like you used to, but do what you can (safely) under today’s Leo full moon. It’s an exciting moment for your career and social life! A climax takes place concerning love.


Today’s full moon in Leo brings a climax to a situation that’s been brewing at home and in your personal life. Your ruling planet Venus meets the lord of the underworld, Pluto, finding you embarking on a transformative journey.


Critical information is released with today’s full moon in Leo! The sun meets Jupiter, making it a massive day for exchanging ideas. Venus meets Pluto, too, urging you to tackle financial issues like debts and taxes, or other sorts of shared resources.


Today’s full moon illuminates the financial sector of your chart, marking a major shift in how you approach security and comfort. Obsessive or envious behavior in your relationships are highlighted as Venus meets the lord of the underworld, Pluto.


Today’s full moon in your sign, Leo, is major for your relationships. An important emotional release takes place today! Your partners are approaching things with generosity and wisdom…but watch out for insecurity and obsession as Venus meets Pluto.


The full moon in Leo lights up many aspects of life that you’ve been ignoring because you’re so busy with work. Make extra time to rest! Big emotions bubble to the surface. Don’t repress, Virgo—express! It’s an especially passionate moment in your love life as Venus meets Pluto.


Today’s full moon in Leo brings a culmination to a situation that’s been brewing in your social life. An easy, open-hearted energy flows around love and creativity, but emotions are very high today! Obsessive, perhaps even smothering, energy is felt at home.


Today’s full moon in Leo is a major moment for your career. An exciting project may be released, or perhaps you are in the spotlight, gaining rewards and recognition in a remarkable way. Your ruling planet Pluto meets Venus, making for some intense conversations about love and money.


Today’s full moon in fellow fire sign Leo brings big news your way. A conversation has been building and now it reaches a climax! People are being open-minded at this time. A new cycle concerning wealth begins as Venus meets Pluto.


Today’s full moon in Leo finds you releasing an old debt, or perhaps offering or accepting an apology. You’re ready to leave the past behind you, tired of carrying old baggage. Obsession, art, and beauty are themes on your mind today as Venus meets Pluto.


It’s a powerful moment for your relationships; an issue comes to a climax thanks to the full moon in Leo. It’s a powerful time for release. You may be ending a relationship, or simply transforming a dynamic that’s been taking place!


Today’s full moon in Leo finds you wrapping up a gig or a project, as well as kicking a bad habit. It’s also a powerful moment in your social life as Venus meets Pluto: You’re connecting with a VIP circle!

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