Daily Horoscope: March 13, 2021

The moon in Pisces meets dreamy Neptune at 12:52 AM, inspiring us to connect with our intuitions. The new moon in Pisces arrives at 5:21 AM: This is a period of emotional renewal, especially as the moon connects with power planet Pluto at 11:38 AM, creating a transformative energy. The moon enters Aries at 6:44 PM, encouraging us to charge forward, and Venus meets Neptune at 11:08 PM, creating a romantic, sweep-you-off-your-feet atmosphere!

All times ET.


Get lots of rest today, Aries! The new moon in Pisces finds you in an emotional mood. Your intuition is sharp, but you’re also feeling sleepy. Slow down!


The new moon in Pisces marks a new beginning in your social life today, Taurus. You may be connecting with a glamours circle as you ruling planet Venus meets Neptune. Emotionally, new dreams for the future are emerging.


Today’s new moon in Pisces marks the beginning of a new journey in your career! The energy is glamorous as Venus meets dreamy Neptune.


The new moon in fellow water sign Pisces finds you opening up to new ideas. New journeys, courses of study, and all sorts of opportunities may be presenting themselves!


The new moon in Pisces is a time for new beginnings but for you, dear Leo, it’s also about closure. This is a powerful time to say goodbye.


Today’s new moon in Pisces activates the relationship sector of your chart. You may be embarking on a new partnership or understanding a partner’s perspective in a new way. Romance is in the air as sweet Venus meets dreamy Neptune.


Today’s new moon in Pisces finds you reevaluating your daily routine and habits. A new project or gig may be beginning! Your ruling planet Venus meets Neptune, making for a romantic and whimsical energy.


Today’s new moon in Pisces lights up the romance and creativity sector of your chart, and sweet Venus meets mystical Neptune, taking whimsy to new heights! Enjoy!


The new moon in Pisces marks the start of a new cycle concerning your home and family life. It’s a lovely day to connect with the people closest to you as sweet Venus connects with sensitive Neptune.


Today’s new moon in Pisces marks a fresh start around communication, or may find you approaching life from a new perspective. Pisces is all about limitlessness; this is a time of growing awareness.


Today’s new moon in Pisces activates the financial sector of your chart, perhaps bringing you a new source of income or finding you rethinking how you manage wealth or security.


There’s a new moon in your sign today, Pisces, plus darling Venus meets your ruling planet Neptune. You’re feeling especially charming! It’s a great time for a makeover. A fresh start is here!

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