Daily Horoscope: March 15, 2021

The moon in Aries connects with Jupiter at 10:40 AM, creating a generous mood, but watch out for intense emotions as the moon clashes with Pluto at 11:40 PM. The planet of the mind, Mercury, enters imaginative Pisces at 6:26 PM, inspiring creativity and kindness around communication, and finding us exploring many different perspectives.

All times ET.


Communication planet Mercury enters dreamy water sign Pisces today, making it a fantastic time to nurture your intuitive abilities, and simply to let your mind get more rest!


Chatty Mercury enters Pisces and activates the friendship sector of your chart, making this an exciting time to network and share ideas! New friends and reconnections may be made.


Your ruling planet Mercury leaves fellow air sign Aquarius and enters water sign Pisces, creating a big shift in energy: You’re no longer surveying opportunities, you’re diving deep into your goals now! Conversations concerning your career kick up.


The planet of the mind, Mercury, enters fellow water sign Pisces, finding you expanding yours! This is a marvelous time for travel, study, and communication. You’re learning a lot of new things and sharing your wonderful ideas.


Communication planet Mercury enters Pisces today, finding you exploring limits and boundaries—especially where they are lacking! You may find yourself having discussions or handling paperwork about things like debts, taxes, and shared resources.


Your ruling planet Mercury enters your opposite sign Pisces today, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart! This is a powerful time to connect with your partners and learn about their perspective.


Messenger planet Mercury enters imaginative water sign Pisces today, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your daily routines and rituals, finding you coming up with creative solutions to everyday problems.


Communication planet Mercury enters fellow water sign Pisces today, illuminating the romance and creativity sector of your chart and bringing sweet messages your way!


Messenger planet Mercury enters sensitive water sign Pisces, finding you in a nostalgic mood. You may be handling paperwork concerning matters at home over the next few weeks, or you may simply find yourself having lots of conversations about your living situation or family life!


Messenger planet Mercury enters Pisces, illuminating the communication sector of your chart: A flurry of conversation may take place! Lots of new ideas are coming in, and you are in an expressive mood.


Communication planet Mercury enters Pisces, kicking up conversation concerning money and security. This is a creative time for problem solving!


Messenger planet Mercury enters your sign today, Pisces, finding you in a chatty, inquisitive mood! You’re reconnecting with your inner voice, and sharing your ideas!

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