Daily Tarot Reading for April 25 The StarWhen a glimmer of hope shines through deep darkness, we…

Daily #Tarot Reading for April 25: The Star
When a glimmer of #hope shines through deep darkness, we have found The Star along our path. A woman kneels on soft grass before a rippling pond, one foot in the water, her other knee firmly rooted on land; eight glittering stars light her way. She holds two pitchers — with one, she nourishes the earth; the flow splits into five tiny streams, representing our five physical senses. The other pours sweet water back into its source, representing our deepening connection to our #unconscious, the collective #wisdom that swims just beneath our awareness at all times, waiting to be accessed. The woman knows that she must equally access her #intuition and her more earthly understanding in order to really #shine. It comes naturally to her. The Star heralds #joy, #optimism and renewal, especially after dark times, tiring challenges and uncertainty. The #Star asks us to have faith in ourselves and our path — know that the Universe is #blessing you even now. Better times #sparkle in the distance — follow your Star with unwavering #trust to get there. Open yourself to #healing and transformation today — listen to your inner voice. Fresh perspective, new #meaning, #inspiration and purpose are forecast. Remember that you are a sacred vessel crafted from the stuff of Stars. No force on earth can put out your inner fire. Shine on.
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