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day 45: june 30 ii of swords this is the energy of the white girl who’s starbucks order was wrong, who is on 3G instead of 4G, and who *just can’t even* just can’t even. but, in your case, rather than the external forces working against you, you are working against yourself. low-level mental blocks are keeping you blindfolded to the problems and the solution. with this card, your thoughts are your reality, and your thoughts are a giant chain and ball you are dragging behind you. this situation can be traced back to mental stagnation or denial. you, meanwhile, are lamenting about your situation while not doing anything to fix it. you aren’t taking advice. you aren’t trying to make decisions. but whatever you are dealing with, you put yourself there. this is not someone else’s fault, as much as you want to wish it is. and because it’s your fault, you are responsible for getting yourself out of it. this card is a stalemate, stuck between a rock and a hard place. but it’s also a call for retreat, to get your head back together. • things to do today with this card in mind: -make decisions about things you have been putting off -give yourself some love. these mental blocks are in part because you don’t trust yourself. #dailytarot #tarot #tarotcards #tarotdeck #tarotreading #twoofswords