DEBUNKING MYTHS OF ASTROLOGY People think astrology is-inaccurate and can relate to anyone…


People think astrology is:⠀
-inaccurate and can relate to anyone⠀
-is bullshit⠀
-isn’t real and doesn’t make sense⠀
-based off science it can’t be real⠀
-science + spirituality = wut?⠀
-it isn’t true or doesn’t relate to them specifically/they don’t resonate with the archetype⠀
-read something once in a magazine about their sun sign and it didn’t make sense so it has to be fake/not true/not helpful ⠀

What astrology actually is:⠀
-an ancient science that has been passed down since the beginning of time⠀
-esoteric knowledge that has clues to the path of our soul⠀
-karmic wounds, strengths, weaknesses that we can access if were ready⠀
-the biggest tool for self reflection out there⠀
-a language that allows for self and universal understanding⠀
-a realization that we are connected to the cosmos and the universe⠀
-a soul map of self awareness paired with free will = limitless expansion⠀

Astrology is literally the key to understanding your soul. If you think Astrology doesn’t resonate with you then let me ask you this. What is your Rising sign? What about your Venus? What house is it in? What it’s aspectual line of sight? Is it dignified or in its detriment? ⠀

If you can’t answer those questions and you still think astrology is bullshit then the soul is not ready to receive the ancient language of stars and the archetypal soul will reach its path to enlightenment in another lifetime. ⠀

If you are, however, open to understanding how the planets correlate to our inner selves, our outer world and our environment then you are about to embark on the greatest mission we are in the process of discovering:⠀

The evolution of the human soul 🦋⠀

I ALWAYS read my client’s astrological birth chart when they decide they want to work long term with me and I tailor their personal and specific needs, strengths and wounds based on this karmic archetypal outlook. 😈🖤 ⠀

I can tell you that your average life coach does not use this approach. Personally I haven’t known other coaches that have a background of being an astrologer and integrate it in their work. As always, reach out if you’re wanting to learn more on working together🌹

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