Describe your personal planets sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars in one sentence

Capricorn Venus – “I enjoy like its my full-time job.”.

Ill begin …

Sagittarius Sun – “If you ask me to do anything spontaneously, I physically can not say no.”

Sagittarius Mercury – “Why are we losing time stressing over this, when we need to learn the meaning of life???”.

Capricorn Moon – “No, Im not fine, Im believing about what I mustve done in a different way that time I was somewhat rude to someone, it was 8 years back.”

Libra Mars – “Dont mess with me, or else I WILL forgive you, however if you push me too far I WILL have no option but to cut you off, however Ill do it very pleasantly and want you the finest.”.

This is kinda another spin on the catchphrase thread, however it doesnt need to be memorable, and its for specific positionings! I seem like this might be an excellent way to assist people comprehend positionings that they arent acquainted with.

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