Destiny Mapping Destiny Mapping readings support you in remembering your greatest purpose…

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Destiny Mapping readings support you in remembering your greatest purpose!

I just spent the weekend in North Carolina mountains with two of the most magical waterfalls giving thanks and celebrating my 44th turn around the sun! My heart is so full and I’m feeling so grateful and I wanna share the love with you!

Destiny Mapping has been such a powerful gift to me and my family this year as I’ve been able to awaken more deeply to who Sarah is and what I’m here to create. This year has been an expansive journey for me and I feel a deep sense of knowing around my purpose in the Great awakening and healing of our planet right now.

When families receive their individual readings they experience a deeper soulful understand of one another. This is especially powerful for parents to understand their children in order to support their gifts and purpose.

We are divine beings who came here to shift things on the planet! We are beautiful creators here to create! If you are seeking more understanding and who you are and clarity around your purpose, Destiny Mapping readings are a beautiful tool to support you!

When we know ourselves and step into what we’re here to create we automatically light up the world with our unique expression.

To celebrate my birthday I’m offering you a gift!!

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