Did I change my childs rising sign, in turn changing his whole life

First I’d like to apologize, I’m very new to astrology, still learning what houses, placements, and how everything comes together to make a specific person.

Anyway, the reason I’m making this post today is because I had a realization.

I was looking a little into Pluto in the 1st house as I have that specific placement (and it’s an absolute killer.) I read that when a person is born a Scorpio ascendant (I also have this placement) it is ruled by the planet Pluto in turn making it your chart ruler. I also learned when a person is born as a Scorpio ascendant apparently during birth they could have died or almost died and got brought back, or the energy surrounding their birth could have been negative, awful, traumatic etc.

But anyway, I’m sure you all know, for a person to be born Scorpio rising they need to be born certain hours of the day. And the sign right before that is Libra. So I kinda this is where I realized something: my son is Libra rising.

I was supposed to have him naturally but early in my labor a couple complications came up; I wasn’t dilating and every time I was on my right side his heart rate would drop. I decided instead that it would be better if I just got the c-section. So I got the surgery and had him I remember the doctor delivering him saying “Oh, this is why he wasn’t going anywhere and what was wrong.” Apparently he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was stopping him from leaving the uterus to the birth canal hence why I wasn’t dilating; then every time they turned me on my side, it was pinching the cord and he was losing oxygen that way too.

I could have labored and birthed naturally and had him in the timeframe the degree of the Scorpio ascendant sign was rising and he would have had the traumatic birth experience that is characterized as a Scorpio rising and had Pluto as his chart ruler.

Instead I completely changed his life by deciding to not wait and have the csection. Honestly, I feel like I saved him from the potential of an awful life. Being that Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, transformation, obsession, abuse, desire, sexual energy, power, destruction. (Same energy with Scorpio Rising) THAT would have been his chart ruler.

But he is a Libra rising. So his chart ruler is Venus, the planet of grace, charm, beauty, gifts, pleasures etc.

I guess by meddling into how his birth was actually supposed to be. And in turn changing his life, kinda like the butterfly effect or something like that.

I guess the point of my post it to figure out if I actually changed his his personality, life, path, destiny etc.

Thanks in advance.

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