DIVINE FEMININEOverall energy You have your recent conflicts on your mind and youre asking your…

Heart Space ~ Your really striving to build yourself back up. You know that this is something you need to do on your own and youre scared you cant do it. This time is going to bring much faith in and regard on your own as soon as you see how capable you in fact are.
Action Space ~ This reveals really strongly that you are all set to stand on your own and construct the life that you didnt think was possible prior to.
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Overall energy ~ You have your recent conflicts on your mind and youre asking yourself “What can I do to make sure this does not occur once again ?!” Youre wondering whether you need to cut out a particular hazardous relationship that youre kinda connected to. Whether its a partner, ex, family member, colleague or good friend you do not feel ideal cutting them completely out. You honour their light side even if you dont honour their shadow.
Head Space ~ It seems this dispute has actually brought a great deal of tears however youre moving past it now and it now only exists in your head. This is either due to fears or ego ♀ For some, its both!


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