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Let’s start with Chaplin’s childhood. His childhood struggles can be seen, due to the placement of 4th lord Saturn in Ashlesha nakshatra, a highly inauspicious nakshatra. Moreover, Saturn ain’t happy due to placement in Cancer as well. Saturn is weak in shadbal as well, getting 6th position. The ruling planet of Ashlesha nakshatra is Mercury, which is the 9th and 12th lord here, sitting in 6th house. Hence, Chaplin’s childhood was spent in poverty and debt, all because his father didn’t support him and his mother financially.
His good sense of humour is seen by Rahu in Punarvasu nakshatra and pada 1.
Placement of 12th lord in 6th house gave rise to vipreet rajyoga, which made him the best and most dramatic example of rags-to-riches situation. And indeed, his Jupiter mahadasha gave him the biggest reversal of his life.
In his chart, saturn is the 4th lord as well as the mother significator as well. It’s placed in cancer, the sign ruled by moon, which represents the mind. Here, Saturn is also afflicted due to aspect of Mars and Ketu, the south node. The nature of Mars and ketu, both placed strongly, caused her mother to suffer from mental diseases and syphilis as well.
But, he started losing his popularity due to controversies and stuff. Why? Because of reactivation of vipreet rajyoga! This combination causes the ultimate reversal in a person’s life! Earlier one was more effective due to Jupiter having more strength in shadbal than Mercury, but this time it happened due to Mercury mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha. Hence, it was weaker reversal, but indeed affected him and his reputation.
He died due to stroke in his sleep, due to combust Mars, with exalted sun in 7th house, aspected by Jupiter.
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