Does anyone else feel a little tired of the Sagittarius as a traveler archetype

I’m a sag sun with a sag stellium and, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy traveling and all, but I wouldn’t say I like it more than anyone else or even the most of all my friends.

I kind of find that the absolute most common stereotype for Sag is that they’re chronic travelers, which I find distracts from the other complex elements of the personality.

I think Sag is a restless sign that likes variety, but I wouldn’t limit that manifestation to the parameters of traveling specifically.

Sure, it depends on which house the placement is in and how it’s aspected but I feel like the “Sag loves to travel” is such a cop out sometimes. It feels like it’s the only notable thing people can think of to associate with the entire sign, when in my experience with the Sag people I know, it’s not even one of the top predominant qualities I associate with any of them.

I think all signs have this for sure (like cancers being sensitive etc), but I just feel so bored when I see people immediately jump to the travel association because it feels a little uninformed and also like a big miss in terms of actual Sag traits.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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