does this make me a bad person

recently, i had a falling out with one of my best friends. when i say falling out, i mean, she doesnt want to be friends “at this point of our lives.”

i feel bad for thinking this but as a person who believes in astrology, i cant help think its because we are not compatible. im a scoprio, shes an aries. i know. an explosive match. but she has also changed into a really different person from when i first met her, to now.

my brother is also an aries, we clash and fight..a lot. ive just known that i am not compatible with aries. i dont have any other aries friends, and when i do meet an aries, we dont click.

but i guess we were able to work our friendship out.

the falling out happened because i was not there for my best friend when her father died, basically. i was not emotionally there for her. but i thought i was. when it happened, she texted in our group chat and i told her im there for you, reach out to me if needed, etc. i had spring break the next day, and didn’t reach out to her anymore than that because well, i know it’s selfish, but i was on spring break. our other best friend in the trio went to a school in the same state so she was able to be there physically with her. i thought that what i said was enough, i didn’t want to push anything else on her, not to mention she never even responded to my texts in the group chat and she also had such a large support system and friends who were from our hometown there physically. it’s all because i am not “emotionally compatible” and not on the same level of emotional connectivity as she is. she sent me these massive messages about how shes had problems with how i react emotionally to things– so im sitting here wondering why this was never brought up to me in the 7 years of friendship. i grew up with emotionally unavailable parents. it made me into a person who had trouble communicating my feelings and emotions, she knew this in our 7 years of friendship.

anyways, that HS best friend thinks astrology is horseshit, lol. always hated on people who enjoyed reading/ believing in it. when i think back to our friendship, we clashed a lot. i mean, we didnt fight ever but it was more of bickering and disagreements or discomfort. she always wanted to be the best, wanted to show off what she knew, spoke in a righteous tone, looked down on others opinions almost, and i hate that about people. i hate that condescending tone of “im the best and i know everything and im always right, ur always wrong, ur opinion is invalid.” i feel terrible for even making this post cuz im..practically shit talking my best friend, but after this falling out i cant help but think about how often we did not agree on in things, how much i personally didnt like the way she acted, and how impactful her personality was on me. i never really let it become a problem between us because she is sensitive and had issues with maintain friendships in the past.

again, i cant help but think this is all because scorpios and aries dont go well together.

am i wrong for thinking of our friendship in this manner?

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