Some people don’t „like“ their Sun sign and I’ve always wondered what in their Chart might cause that so I‘ve thought of people where that is the case and usually it’s when their Moon (sign) doesn’t harmonize with their Sun sign i.e. Aries Moon with Libra or Cancer Sun; Capricorn Moon with Aries Sun; Scorpio Moon with Aquarius Sun I’ve found that Houses and Aspects can counteract those effects, for example, an Aries Moon with an aspect from Saturn could make one like their Capricorn Sun more or an 8H Aquarius Moon could make one relate more a Scorpio Sun What is your experience with the matter? :) Do you like your Sun / Moon ? Or are there personal planet signs that you don’t relate to or simply are not fond of? Personally I’ve had a hard time relating to my Cap AC (albeit being a Virgo Moon and Taurus Sun but they’re 8H/3H and Uranus/Neptune conjunct my AC, altering it’s expression) Stoked to hear your thoughts 🙂 PS. Probably Venus may play a part in this as well ?