Earth, for the month of Sep the Wheelthe EmperorAce of Pentacles rx. .Energy you may be fa…

🌍♑♉♍Earth, for the month of Sep: the Wheel/the Emperor/Ace of Pentacles rx. .
🌑Energy: you may be facing some karma or dues this month. I don’t get negative, just what’s owed to you, bad or good. This is repetitive cycles, the ups and downs of life, or routine. Perhaps you just feel stuck in routine and desire something new, or dealing with the same old shit and need to put an end to it. I feel this month may be about finances, confidence and independence.
🔱Situation: Taking your power back. This guy does not give a shit what others say or think, he does his own thing, and confidently (or arrogantly). I feel as tho you’ve put an end to a cycle and are remaining strong and steadfast about it, you can’t be bent. And let’s face it, you guys are hard to convince once your mind is made up. When you decide its over, it’s over. And maybe you’ve had to get tough or mean with someone, they keep begging, you’re being coerced or manipulated, yet you see through it. It’s like “no more, now leave me alone and fuck off”.
⛔Challenge: Delays, instability, possessiveness. There’s greed or selfishness with the Emperor and this Ace, and Earth can be quite cold with emotions. If this is a relationship, there’s no solid foundation anymore, or loss of love, and why you’re letting it go. The chaos, uncertainty, or general lack of stability. Jobwise, this could be setting out on your own, self employment, giving up on the corporate world and following your dreams. There may be confusion and vulnerability during all this of course, but Earth signs are resilient and determined, if anything. There could be a period of financial instability during the changeover, but it will pass. This month, you’re finding footing, dropping the old, and doing what you want, alone.
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