Elemental Signs 66, 7 day, Independence PowerNote Not all Patterns which come up in…

Elemental Signs ~ 6/6, 7 day, Independence / Power
Note: Not all Patterns which come up in this Deck will be bad ones.

Air Signs – Birdseye
Take a bigger look at your situation – see from a higher perspective.
Water Signs – Just Around the Corner
Surprises are always part of life which is why you shouldn’t try to control. Expect the unexpected at this time.
Fire Signs – Solar Plexus Deactivated
Stop giving your power away to negative thoughts or to other people. Reclaim your power and your happiness. You are free to shine like the sun.
Earth Signs – Cry for Help
Be open to helping yourself and see that you are the only one who can improve your situation. You are the only one whom can truly save you.
ALL: Toxic Environment
Spirit is coming through to say that you need to detox your environment once again. It is easy for it to get congested, but after the full moon last night, you should ensure that you sage, get rid of trash and open your windows.
Deck: Phoenix Healing and Patterns of the Soul by me
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Share how this resonates with you.
We have all the elements within, accept what resonates, let go what doesn’t.
❦Live in love and harmony always❦
~ Soshinie

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