ENERGY READING – CURRENT WAVE .EnergyDM DMs are feeling a massive pull to their DF now. This …

DM: DMs are feeling a massive pull to their DF now. This feels like those DMs who have previously had their heads buried in the sand or have pushed away the connection in any way – they are now being made to really examine this connection & to trust the pull they feel. They are called to end anything & everything that has kept them from being able to move towards their DF up until now. This is all about hearing the call to action & following it through.
DF: For a group, her DM will have taken recent action that has provided a breakthrough of sorts. For others, it’s still a question of holding space for that movement. Either way, breakthroughs are highlighted here & doubts are beginning to be cleared with each development.
DM: There’s still a lot of fear there, & for many this is because he has to make major changes in order to clear the path before him. There are also self worth issues & regrets about his past behaviour that prevent him from being confident enough to step forward. For some it feels like “I made my bed, now I have to lie in it, even though I know how I’m feeling” – this is all being worked on & cleated now.
DF: There’s a new beginning hanging in the air, but someone needs to do something in order to manifest it. The DF knows her DM will step up, but she’s going out of her mind as she waits (prepares?) for this. Keeping her cool may be difficult, especially if communication is opening up. Each interaction leaves her more excited for the future, even though he may not be opening up fully quite yet.
DM: Time to really declutter his life & to walk away from anything/anyone that’s blocking his path. Communication is highlighted here, & for those already in touch, it’s something more emotional that needs to be spoken. There’s a new beginning that’s grounded in the 3-D, that wants to manifest now. All he has to do is keep moving towards it.
DF: We’re seeing again that the DM is going to come through with an important truth that will really change things & bring great relief to the DF. She just needs to trust this is coming, & remain in alignment. That’s all she can control for now!

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