Energy update Sun Moves into Taurus Dark Moon Waxing .For the next 28 days well be enjoyin…

Your vibration can help favorably with the shift here on Earth – but * just * if your frequency is one of Healing – not panic – preaching does not always get the message throughout – Let your vibration do the talking – seriously! – were moving into new times – individuals will be magnetically drawn to a brand-new lifestyle through your radiating love beams – theyll end up being curious – theres power because ❤ … Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus – the planet of beauty, money + love (yum, yum, tasty!) This Feminine energy is here to help us connect with the earthly pleasures – grounding us in our human vessels. Enjoy the Ritual of “the small things.” …
Watch this video + let the frequencies of Taurus incorporate + inspire you. ☯ … Theres a lot more to state about this energy … (if youre not feeling it ⬆- ask yourself; “Where am I attempting too tough to control things?)

Energy update: Sun Moves into Taurus + Dark Moon Waxing ✨.

Im hosting a Taurus New Moon Ritual tonight at 8pm inside The Sisterhood Membership, if you d like to join us, follow the link in my bio ❤ ✨ #ReconnectToYourTruth.

For the next 28 days well be taking pleasure in the constant, slow and seductive moving energy of Taurus … (among my preferred indications! to me this energy feels like a juicy peach on a hot day!) If the frequencies could might a story through video … this would be it, …
. I desired to produce this video almost as an activation – welcoming you to combine with energies rather of resist them. ☯ … If you thought you were slowing down before … think again my pals … youre about to get in: Phase 2 of Slow Down ✨ … and your primary assignment = surrender * much more * – withstand letting your ego take the reins – its difficult to live in unpredictability – but remember deep space flows * through * you – if your ego becomes too controlling you become like a kinked Hose Pipe and the water (energy) cant flow through! Relax – theres wisdom, psychic insight and even abundance available in these slower frequencies!

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