Everything Conjunct EverythingTheres this big conjunction thing happening, youve probably heard …

Everything Conjunct Everything

There’s this big conjunction thing happening, you’ve probably heard the hype. There is a lot of hype going around in general, fuelled by wildly different ideologies all vying for a claim on reality.
Reality is more flexible than we tend to think, and less easy to quantify in logical equations. Especially now.

I could tell you that Jupiter Conjunct Pluto equals an expansion in transformation. You could relate this to the potential for a surge in unpredictable world events, but that’s pretty obvious in “mundane” reality. I could tell you that Saturn Trine Venus in air signs signals committed changes in social structures, and a disruption in all subjects that begin with “com” (Commerce, community, communication) but that’s pretty clear. We could even see a brief disruption in telecommunications and internet access.

The message from the planets, as I see it, is that we are at the precipice of unprecedented elevation. This is not possible without the destruction of whatever gets in the way of that… which is up to you/us.

There is a major “family meeting” today and tomorrow ( I’ve included the time the conjunction occurs in your time zone in the photos) the likes of which we haven’t seen in over 700 years. In this meeting we will be coming to a consensus of how we want reality to change, and I encourage you to participate. Whether you are conscious of it or not,a snapshot of your vibration will be added to the collective in order to calibrate a global manifestation. Your “vote” will be based on the state of your energy, and the limits of what you think is possible.

Dream today, and dream big. Inform the collective consciousness in ways that are liberating, loving and in the highest good of all.

I’m not going to “Love and Light” you to death. If you’re reading this you know the basics: turn off the news, focus on what what you love as opposed to what you fear. Meditate. Hang out with your plants and crystals. Use the energy modalities you’ve studied.
Join the global meditation at the time of the conjunction in your area. Create waves.

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