expression determined by ascendant or mercury

ideally that makes sense, anyway leave ur thoughts if u have any clearness.

note: my moon (taurus) is opposite my mercury (scorpio) + my ascendant is in virgo which is why im curious regarding where exactly this discrepancy in between sensation + expression would manifest or emerge in a natal chart:-RRB-.

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was believing to myself about how the specific way we reveal ourselves is represented within our natal charts and was curious for other thoughts. i know mercury is frequently believed to be the planet of expression due to the fact that it is linked to interaction and the mental processes, however would it be more precise to say the real method we express these things comes through our ascendant? (i understand the ascendant acts practically like a veil that whatever is filtered through, however for example was thinking of how i express my feelings (lunar issue) which is frequently at chances with my rational mind (mercury) and feels misshaped through how precisely i reveal it (perhaps ascendant?).

hello all-.

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