Eye know you all must be worried about whats happening in the world and how long it will last. Ive…

Eye know you all must be worried about what’s happening in the world and how long it will last. I’ve tuned into an astrological report and here’s the info that follows. ⁣

The virus will be bad from now until April 7th. All USA, China, Italy and people from China or traveling from China and could have come in contact will have high rates of the virus. ⁣

The virus will end by the end of Gemini season (Gemini represents lungs) which is around June. Which means the retreat will go forward so if you can get cheap tickets now for the future capitalize on that. ⁣

People who are more susceptible to getting the virus are people who have neptune in the 1st house, mercury square Neptune, mercury opposite Neptune or Neptune in the 8th house. ⁣

People who will be carriers of the virus are Pisces risings or Neptune/Pluto in the first house ⁣

Where Neptune is in your chart is where you are more than likely to get it. For example Neptune in the 9th means overseas or long journeys etc ⁣

This does not mean that if you get it you can not heal! You are very capable of healing and this is just another cold. ⁣

This is not to instill fear but just to keep you aware! All info is from the amazing predictive astrologist Nikola Stojanovic
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