Feb 15th and playing the drums

Then a few weeks ago I signed up for a Best Buy Card to get a larger discount on some tech. The cashier ringing me up smiled huge after taking a look at my ID and said “Feb 15! Thats my birthday too, woah” and we shared quickly that it was cool and I high fived him and said something about us both being Aquarius. He nodded that he understood a bit about astrology and I asked him if he seemed like he identified w/ the Aqua traits, which he did. I stated “You know whats weird, back in middle school 3 of the 7 drummers I played in band with all had Feb 15th birthdays including me” and the cashier looked at me completely stated and startled “What! Thats insane due to the fact that I play drums too!”


My birthday is Feb 15th. One day I told them it was my birthday, and low and behold, it was 2 other drummers birthdays as well making 3 amongst the 7 of us having the exact same birthday (the other 2 were a year younger than me). I was blown away and at very first didnt believe them, however they were 100% that it was their birthdays and even had other buddies confirm it was real (I likewise double checked on them on FB more recently and their birthdays were noted as Feb 15 online).

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