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The realm of Eorzea is plagued with all manner of beasts and villains looking to destroy the races of man. These include savage Beastmen who can summon godlike Primals to rain destruction upon the land and the tyrannical Garlean Empire aiming to conquer the land with their advanced Magitek war machines. With even more foes on the horizon in the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion, Eorzea needs heroes like you to save it.

Before you go off to fight the Garlean Empire and the Primals, you will need to pick a weapon and a corresponding job to do battle with. There are many jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, each with a specific role to fill during a fight. It can seem a little overwhelming for a first-time adventurer to choose which job to start with. So, we have a compiled list of all the jobs, how to unlock them, and provide a brief overview of what makes them special.

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Final Fantasy XIV job list: Class basics

Final Fantasy Xiv Action SceneFinal Fantasy Xiv Action SceneSource: Square Enix

When creating a new character, you assign a starting class for them. These include Gladiator, Marauder, Arcanist, Archer, Thaumaturge, Pugilist, Lancer, and Conjurer. The Rogue class, however, is not selectable when creating a new character. You will need to reach Level 10 with any class, unlock the Armoury feature, and speak to Lonwoerd in Limsa Lominsa to unlock the Rogue class.

You can find the guilds which unlock the other classes in the following cities if you decide to pursue other jobs (quests that unlock gameplay content are marked blue with a plus symbol):

  • Limsa Lominsa: Arcanist, Marauder
  • Ul’dah: Pugilist, Gladiator, Thaumaturge
  • Gridania: Conjuror, Lancer, Archer

Classes are beginner versions of a job that teaches you how to use their abilities and combo rotations. Once you have reached Level 30 in a class, you will gain the opportunity to unlock their associated job and the advanced skills they possess. There are also some jobs you can unlock later by simply leveling up any job to a certain level.

The coolest part about classes and jobs in Final Fantasy XIV is that your character is not locked to one class/job. You can freely switch between them so long as you have a class/job unlocked and have their required weapon in your inventory. This makes it so that you don’t have to create new characters if you want to try a new job.

The jobs of Final Fantasy XIV are divided into three roles: Tank, Healer, DPS. Every party member must fill these roles to overcome the challenges and save Eorzea from impending doom. There is also a fourth role, “Limited,” for jobs that don’t exactly fit into the Tank, Healer, and DPS categories due to their unique gameplay mechanics and features.

Final Fantasy XIV job list: Tank jobs

Tanks are the tough, stalwart defenders of an adventuring party. Tanks are one of the most important roles of a party because they can draw the attention of a foe away from your allies and withstand attacks that would instantly destroy them. They can also reposition where an enemy is facing and allow DPS jobs specializing in attacking from the rear to increase their damage output.


Final Fantasy Xiv PaladinFinal Fantasy Xiv PaladinSource: Square Enix

The Paladin job is a textbook example of what it means to be the Tank. They combine the martial prowess of one-handed swords and shields with the power of holy light to heal their party members and deal justice to evildoers. For example, a Paladin can erect a giant barrier called Passage of Arms that reduces incoming damage for every party member standing behind it. Your party will have nothing to fear when a strong and capable Paladin is by your side.

If you wish to follow the path of a Paladin, you must reach Level 30 as a Gladiator and complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Gladiator Quest “Rematch.”


Final Fantasy Xiv WarriorFinal Fantasy Xiv WarriorSource: Square Enix

The Warrior is a bloodthirsty ax-wielding maniac who uses their rage to fight through the pain and chop off heads. Warriors are one of the more offensive Tank jobs that protect their party by being a big angry meat shield. They have abilities that allow them to regenerate damage dealt to them and send it back to enemies. At high levels, Warriors can activate buffs that grant guaranteed critical hits and allow them to use their most powerful attack, Fell Cleave, over and over again until everything is dead.

If you want to take out your anger as a Warrior, you will need to reach Level 30 as a Marauder and complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Marauder Quest “Pride and Duty (Will take you from the Mountain).”

Dark Knight

Final Fantasy Xiv Dark KnightFinal Fantasy Xiv Dark KnightSource: Square Enix

Whereas Paladins use the power of light to protect their team, the Dark Knight uses the power of darkness to shield them from harm. Dark Knights wield giant Greatswords and draw upon dark magic to suck the life out of their enemies to heal their wounds. At a certain point, they gain the ability to conjure a ghastly doppelganger of themselves to help enact vengeance upon their enemies.

To unlock Dark Knight, you must own Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, complete the Main Scenario Quest “Before the Dawn,” and speak with the Ishgardian Citizen in Ishgard to begin the Dark Knight questline. Dark Knight does not require leveling up any pre-requisite class or job.


Final Fantasy Xiv GunbreakerFinal Fantasy Xiv GunbreakerSource: Square Enix

The Gunbreaker is an orthodox Tank job inspired by Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Gunbreakers use special weapons which combine swords with the firing mechanism of a gun called a Gunblade. Gunblades don’t fire bullets; instead, their magical-imbued ammo activates explosive melee attacks and magical barriers when you pull the trigger. If you want to be a Tank while having the damage output of a DPS job or if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy VIII, you will love blowing enemies up as the Gunbreaker.

To unlock Gunbreaker you must own Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, reach Level 60 with any job and speak with Gods’ Quiver Bow in New Gridania to start the Gunbreaker questline.

Final Fantasy XIV job list: Healer jobs

Healers are the most important member of a party because they are responsible for keeping the party alive with their healing magic. However, Healers are capable of dishing out decent amounts of damage as well, so they are not to be underestimated.

White Mage

Final Fantasy Xiv White MageFinal Fantasy Xiv White MageSource: Square Enix

The White Mage is the Final Fantasy series’ staple Healer job. They heal their comrades with White Magic and attack enemies with stone, wind, and holy magic. When White Mages reach the apex of their training, they will learn the Secrets of the Lily. This trait exponentially increases a White Mage’s healing potential and allows them to unleash an attack that takes all the pain they have healed and send it back to those who caused it.

If you wish to take up the mantle of a White Mage, you will need to level up the Conjuror class to Level 30 and complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Conjuror Quest “In Nature’s Embrace.”


Final Fantasy Xiv AstrologianFinal Fantasy Xiv AstrologianSource: Square Enix

The Astrologian is a Healer job that uses astrology and tarot card readings to alter a party’s destiny. Armed with a Star Globe attuned with magic from star constellations, Astrologians can grant healing, protective, and offensive boons to their allies based on the tarot cards they draw. When the stars align and they draw their cards right, the Astrologian can eradicate their foes and heal their friends at the same time by conjuring a miniature supernova.

If you want to become an Astrologian, you first must have Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward installed. Then you will need to complete the Main Scenario Quest “Before the Dawn” and speak with Jannequinard in Ishgard to trigger the Astrologian questline. Astrologians do not require leveling up any pre-requisite class or job.


Final Fantasy Xiv ScholarFinal Fantasy Xiv ScholarSource: Square Enix

The Scholar is one of two jobs that the Arcanist class can branch off into after completing their training. By reciting their Codex’s magic words, Scholars can summon faeries that cast various healing and defensive spells to keep the party alive and kicking. At high levels, a Scholar can summon a Seraph, a creature whose healing powers are so great that they can even cure wounds dealt by Primals.

If you like summoning faeries into battle as a Scholar, you will need to level up the Arcanist class to Level 30 and complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Arcanist Quest “Sinking Doesmaga.”


Final Fantasy Xiv SageFinal Fantasy Xiv SageSource: Square Enix

Sage is a new Healing job that will debut in the upcoming expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. A Sage’s main weapon of choice is the Nouliths. These magically empowered drones protect teammates by erecting forcefields, heal wounds, and blast enemies to bits with laser fire.

We currently do not know the specific requirements to unlock the Sage job. We know that you will need to own Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and have any job at Level 70. We will update this section once we know exactly how to unlock Sages.

Final Fantasy XIV job list: DPS jobs

The DPS jobs are the third and final component of an effective adventuring party. Short for “Damage Per Second,” the role of a DPS job is to kill the enemies as fast as possible while the Tank grabs their attention. They are split into three sub-categories: Melee DPS, Ranged Physical DPS, and Magical Ranged DPS.

Melee DPS

The Melee DPS jobs get up close and personal to damage enemies. However, unlike Tanks that go face-to-face with a monster, Melee DPS jobs prefer to flank their sides or backside to exploit their weak spots.


Final Fantasy Xiv DragoonFinal Fantasy Xiv DragoonSource: Square Enix

Dragoons are knights that have been trained to hunt down and slay dragons. Capable of jumping hundreds of feet in the air, the Dragoon rains death from above with their mighty spears. At higher levels, Dragoons can also provide attack buffs to teammates so they can tag-team an enemy into submission.

If you wish to become a dragon-slaying Dragoon, you will need to level up the Lancer class to Level 30, and complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Lancer Quest “Proof of Might.”


Final Fantasy Xiv SamuraiFinal Fantasy Xiv SamuraiSource: Square Enix

The Samurai is a Melee DPS job that is 100% focused on dispatching their enemies. Brandishing katanas and using ancient martial techniques, the Samurai can cut down most foes in a single strike. While the Samurai job offers no support skills for their team, the insane damage output a Samurai can dish out more than makes up for it.

If you wish to wield the blade of a Samurai, you will first need to download Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. Then reach Level 50 with any job and speak with an Ul’dahn Citizen in Ul’Dah to start the Samurai questline.


Final Fantasy Xiv MonkFinal Fantasy Xiv MonkSource: Square Enix

The Monk job utilizes hand-to-hand martial arts to beat the stuffing out of a monster. The key to a Monk’s strength is their talent to cultivate an energy source from within called Chakra. A Monk’s Chakra can empower themselves and their allies to the point where they can punch through solid stone with just their bare hands.

If you want to punch Garleans and Primals in the face as a Monk, you will need to level the Pugilist class to Level 30. After that, you will complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Pugilist Quest “Return of the Holy Fist.”


Final Fantasy Xiv NinjaFinal Fantasy Xiv NinjaSource: Square Enix

Emerging from the shadows is the Ninja job. Ninjas attack with frightening speed to slice and dice their opponents with razor-sharp daggers. In addition, Ninjas can manipulate the elements using Ninjutsu magic to enhance their party’s attack power and decimate crowds of enemies.

If you wish to assassinate your enemies as Ninja, get a Rogue class leveled up to Level 30, and complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Rogue Quest “Cloying Victory.”


Final Fantasy Xiv ReaperFinal Fantasy Xiv ReaperSource: Square Enix

The Reaper is a new DPS job that will be added in the upcoming expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. The Reaper wields a massive scythe to cleave their enemies in twain. They can also summon a demonic creature called a Voidsent from an alternate dimension known as the Void. This avatar of death fights alongside the Reaper in battle, and if things get dire, the Reaper can let the Voidsent possess them to gain immersible power. But at what cost?

At this time, we don’t know what exactly is required to unlock the Reaper job. However, it has been confirmed that you will need to own Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and have any job at Level 70. We will update this section once we know exactly how to unlock Reapers.

Physical Ranged DPS

The Physical Ranged DPS jobs specializes in dealing damage from afar. They can deal consistent damage while being mobile and providing support to the party.


Final Fantasy Xiv BardFinal Fantasy Xiv BardSource: Square Enix

The Bard sings songs to inspire their comrades to fight on while turning monsters into pincushions with their bow and arrows. A Bard’s voice carries magical properties that can grant damage boosts, reduced spell casting times, and even cure status effects.

If you wish to invigorate your friends with the greatest songs in the world, you will need to level the Archer class to Level 30. Then you will need to complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Archer Quest “The One That Got Away.”


Final Fantasy Xiv MachinistFinal Fantasy Xiv MachinistSource: Square Enix

The Machinist is a gunslinger with a knack for mechanical engineering. Armed with a big gun, the Machinist pumps their enemies with magical-laced lead. They also have an arsenal of gadgets at their disposal, like turrets and bombs. The Machinist can also use explosive crossbows, flamethrowers and even deploy an automaton into battle.

To unlock the machinations of a Machinist, you will need to own Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Then complete the Main Scenario Quest “Before the Dawn” and speak with the Machinist Guild in Ishgard to trigger the Machinist questline. Machinist does not require leveling up any pre-requisite class or job.


Final Fantasy Xiv DancerFinal Fantasy Xiv DancerSource: Square Enix

At first glance, you wouldn’t think a Dancer belonged on the battlefield. However, once a Dancer starts their performance, they can turn the tide of any battle in their favor. A Dancer’s main weapon is a pair of bladed rings called Chakram, which they throw at enemies whilst dancing. If the Dancer performs well, they can grant offensive buffs to the party and even heal them.

If you want to tap-dance on your foes as a Dancer, you must own Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, reach Level 60 with any job and speak with the Eager Liminsan in Limsa Lominsa to start the Dancer questline.

Magic Ranged DPS

The Ranged Magic DPS jobs deal damage at long range like the Physical Ranged DPS jobs. They differ because Ranged Magic DPS jobs focus on dealing lots of damage in short bursts, rather than sustained damage throughout a battle. Plus, they are not as mobile because most of their magic spells require them to stand still to cast them.


Final Fantasy Xiv SummonerFinal Fantasy Xiv SummonerSource: Square Enix

The Summoner is the second job an Arcanist can take once they complete their questline. By studying the Beastmen’s method of summoning Primals, Summoners have discovered how to capture their essence and create a controllable variant of a Primal called Egis. They can summon Egi versions of Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan to give the Primals a taste of their own medicine. Summoners are even capable of harnessing the power of Bahamut, the Elder Primal that nearly wiped out Eorzea from existence.

If you want to wield the power of Primals, you will need to level up the Arcanist class to Level 30. Then you must complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Arcanist Quest “Austerities of Flame.”

Black Mage

Final Fantasy Xiv Black MageFinal Fantasy Xiv Black MageSource: Square Enix

The Black Mage is the classic magic wizard job of Final Fantasy XIV. They use Staves as catalysts to launch devastating magic attacks that burn armies to ashes, shock them with lightning, or freeze them solid in their tracks.

To unlock Black Mage, you will need to level the Thaumaturge class to Level 30. Then you need to complete the Main Scenario Quest “Sylph Management” and the Thaumaturge Quest “The One That Got Away.”

Red Mage

Final Fantasy Xiv Red MageFinal Fantasy Xiv Red MageSource: Square Enix

The Red Mage is the Final Fantasy series’ jack of all trades job. Despite being classified as Ranged class, the Red Mage can engage in melee combat with their rapier and magic trinket. But the true strength of the Red Mage lies in its ability to cast both Black and White magic. They can use the fire and ice spells of a Black Mage and heal teammates using White Mage spells. They can even cast multiple spells at once with the Dualcast skill to really cause some magical mayhem.

To don the cloak of a Red Mage, you must own Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, reach Level 50 with any job and speak with the Distressed Lass in Ul’Dah to start the Red Mage questline.

Final Fantasy XIV job list: Limited jobs

Limited jobs are unique in that they don’t strictly fill the conventional role of Tank, DPS, or Healer. They have their own unique gameplay features and quests, which are designed for solo play. As a result, Limited jobs are restricted from taking part in certain activities. For example, they cannot participate in PvP, Duty Roulettes, or even accept Main Scenarios Quests. They can still do Trials and certain Duties but only in Undersized and Preformed Parties, which you can set in the Duty Finder options.

Blue Mage

Final Fantasy Xiv Blue MageFinal Fantasy Xiv Blue MageSource: Square Enix

The Blue Mage is currently the only Limited job in Final Fantasy XIV. Their main draw is the ability to learn and utilize the abilities of an enemy. Since there is a huge variety of enemy skills to learn, you can customize a Blue Mage’s moveset to fill any role you want. For example, they can learn the infamous “Bad Breath” attack from Malboro to cripple enemies with various status effects. They can heal the health and mana of allies by learning the Exuviation spell from the Abalathian Wamoura. And they can even take the role of a Tank by drawing the enmity of a monster with the Mighty Guard spell.

To compensate for being restricted from most of the game’s activities, the Blue Mage can participate in The Masked Carnivale. This is a one-person tournament where the skills you have picked up as a Blue Mage are put to the test and win prizes you won’t find anywhere else.

If you want to use a monster’s ability against them as a Blue Mage, you will need to complete the Main Scenario Quest “The Ultimate Weapon.” Then you will level up any job to Level 50 and speak with the Jealous Yellowjacket in Limsa Lominsa to begin the Blue Mage questline.

Which job will you fill?

As you can see, Final Fantasy XIV has many jobs on offer to suit your personal adventuring tastes. You can stick with one job or play as all of them as you progress through the story. Let us know in the comments what job you will take in one of the best multiplayer games on PC.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, will be released on Nov. 23, 2021, on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Be aware that this date is subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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