First Quarter Moon, May 29th at 1129 pm EDT.On Thursday, the day prior to the First Quarter phase,…

First Quarter Moon, May 29th at 11:29 pm EDT.
On Thursday, the day prior to the First Quarter phase, Mercury enters 0° Cancer. Thoughts about networks, communications, and our curiosities are going through analysis – clearly there is a new order to comfortable living.

Now is another preview to this new order. The Solar Eclipse on June 21st occurs at 0° Cancer 21’. Mercury is delivering messages to help us find our comfort level. I view this next week as an opening point for fully digesting and assimilating the present and future, as individuals and the larger community.

Mercury is also in the sign of its upcoming second retrograde, and that shadow period officially begins on June 2nd. Shadow periods help us see where the retrograde will become more active and visible. For calendaring, the next retrograde is June 18th through July 12th.

On June 2nd- 3rd, Venus will aspect Mars, then the Sun. She is halfway through her retrograde period. More personal events and current events will be shaping our decisions, relationships, and values.

Can you see the big picture without feeling overwhelmed in the abundance of information? This is a time to see the silver lining and act considerately and confidently, putting your energy to work according to your outlined plan. If you haven’t made an outline yet, now is the time. Be present and step forward.
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