Food for thought on Scorpio

For anyone out there who is genuinely interested in developing their knowledge of astrology, I implore you to stop associating Scorpio with sexuality as the first trait of this archetype. As a Scorpio rising/mars, I do personally feel very connected to my sexuality. However I have been a Scorpio rising my entire life, and had I gotten a chart reading as a child it would have been vastly inappropriate to discuss my “sexual nature”. I think it’s just lazy astrology, in my opinion. Not only is it not really applicable depending on certain stages of your life, some people are not ever going to be sexually inclined; some people have trauma, some people are asexual, etc. Not that there isn’t SOME element of sexuality through the Martian influence, but I think it would be much better if we expanded our vocabulary to better describe Scorpio in practice. Basically, I think it’s very reductive and exclusionary to always refer to Scorpio as being hyper-sexual. Thoughts?

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