For all the scorpiopluto dominant people. Or just people with a lot of 8th house placements. Can you spot peoples shadows

So here’s the thing, i’m pluto/scorpio dominant and it’s *so* easy for me to spot people’s shadow. Like i can literally feel the underlying issue with people’s actions or words. I can see their traumas, insecurities, rage, envy, and so on, so easily. Sometimes i feel sad for these people because i know they don’t want to act that way, it’s their traumas and triggers, but at the same time i don’t want to put up with it.

I just want to tell them straight up what’s wrong with them because they seem so oblivious to their own issues and i can’t understand how they cannot see them as clearly as i do.

Most of the time i get frustrated, mostly because i’m a scorpio rising and people tend to project their shadow onto me.

I want to know if other scorpio rising people, or pluto/scorpio dominant people have experienced this?

I have a scorpio rising, pluto in the first, mercury and mars in the 8th, sun in cancer trine pluto in scorpio, and moon in scorpio conjunct pluto in the 1H. I also have a water grand trine.

Most of the time i don’t know if it’s just my sensitive self, or that i’m able to see people shadow’s side.

Anyways i just wanted to hear opinions on this.

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