Freedonation based reading for one random person

I would like to do a free reading for one random commenter. It may take a bit, I want to try to do a couple a week, but I can be quite busy and move around a lot. I work with an alternative doctor doing free treatments and clinics for the poor and indigenous of Guatemala. We do numerology, palmistry and psychic readings to raise money for our efforts, and thus any donation is appreciated. We live by faith and have helped thousands in my 3 years here. We have just recently put together a website and look to expand our efforts and grow. If you are interested, please visit []( for more information.

No, you do not have to give anything. I am just saying. It is a free read. I will contact a commenter for their full birth name and date and any preference on methods of receiving. I kind of want to channel it with my new map/chart I have made, so I might try Telegram and send voice clips, if that’s at all possible.

Anywho, thank you and blessings!

I look forward to seeing your Soul!

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