Friday the 13thA day that has fear and uncertainty created around it… A day of superstition……

Friday the 13th
A day that has fear and uncertainty created around it… A day of superstition… Make us think we’re going to endure a day of bad luck… ⚘
This is all false and fabricated.

Just like Halloween, witches, black cats, etc. (I won’t get into that on this post) ⚘
There is so much magick and beautiful meaning behind this day. ⚘
There’s many ways in numerology that 13 can be represented.

1 representing individuality, optimism & leadership.

3 representing you ability to connect to Source & manifestation.

Combined, 13 being a very powerful message from your guides that you a the master of manifestation when connected to Source & Soul.

3 also representing the Triple Moon Goddesses-
The Maiden
The Mother
& The Crone.

So we get the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Women have 13 menstrual cycles a year,
same number of moon cycles.
“Moon cycle”

You can also add to get master number 4– 1+3=4
4 representing Earth, the material world, 3D.

13 has the power to bring our 5D into 3D.

So so much powerful energy with this angel number. ⚘
Friday the 13th used to be considered the day of the Goddesses.
Celebrating our sacred femininity,
our cycle of life/death/rebirth and new beginnings. ⚘
So take this time today to tap into your inner feminine divinity (yes men, you too. We are all gifted with both Devine masculine & feminine energy) to get clear on your desires and manifest them into reality.

There is NO coincidence that near the end of this decade,
having been presented with 12/12/12 portal and a Friday the 13th.

We’re being gifted with the power and energy to make shit happen.
Utilize the gifts this Universe has given you.

It’s here for you to claim.
Pictured is Goddess Kali (from Pinterest)
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