FULL MOON POST Its time to really think on and manifest what you want to attract, use the extra…

Its time to really believe on and manifest what you desire to bring in, use the additional energy the Moon is emitting to assist yourself refocus and regroup.
1. Take this time to write down your objectives plainly and concisely in a note pad thats specifically committed to your goals and anything you are attempt to manifest

2. Practice meditation on any old emotions or perceptions that are no longer in alignment with who you currently are and simply let go of them.

3. Clean up your altar, rearrange it, remove or add brand-new pieces to it, get in the habit of restructuring it to move any stagnant energy.

4. Place your crystals under the moonlight, enable them to soak up the Full Moon energy. Crystals need to be re-energized so a full moon is the best time to do so.

5. Enjoy and unwind, permit yourself time to decompress and feel the energies this Full Moon needs to provide.

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