Gaian reading of the dayThe Challenge The Tree Hanged man. This card symbolizes that you have f…

Gaian reading of the day:
The Challenge: The Tree (Hanged man). This card symbolizes that you have found your inner truth, you have discovered yourself from a deep spiritual and psychological perspective, you are fully aware of just how special, wonderful, unique, fragile and vulnerable your soul truly is, and all of these make you an infinitely beautiful soul, and you beauty isn’t just internal, it’s very much external as well, and your aura is also a valid reflection of this, because wherever you go people tend to notice you, confide in you, because everyone can sense your lack of pride, your modestly, humbleness, and ultimately the true unconditional kindness of your heart. The challenge which the Tree card offers you is not just to be aware of everything that you are, but to live that truth. What good is knowledge without any applicability? You are being challenged to ground yourself in your own truth much much more than you have ever done so in your life. The Tree suggests that there are a lot of struggles in your life and your inner reality is greatly mismatched by the external reality, it seems that everything in your life is meant to disprove your own truth about your existence, but you must see this the way it truly is, it’s simply the greatest challenge of your current incarnation, if you manage to believe way more in yourself and in your life’s story, regardless of what actual reality looks like, then the power of your belief, is going to fully awaken your soul, and the Universe is eagerly waiting for this to happen, because miracles are waiting for you!
The Opportunity: 9 of Fire. This card is the symbol of a major spiritual awakening. The opportunity here is not just to awaken, because you have done that a very long time ago, your awareness, knowledge, experiences are almost infinite, despite your relatively young age, but what you are missing is a deep energetic awakening, signified by the 9 of Fire. When your physical body and ethereal one alike, reach the right frequency, a frequency which depends very much on your emotional world, because as I said earlier, you master everything else, ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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