General soul guidance and adviceusing Pagean Otherworlds tarot Mystical Shaman oracle 9 of …

General soul guidance and advice//using Pagean Otherworlds tarot & Mystical Shaman oracle 🌼🦜🍹🏝
9 of pentacles πŸ’°/Justice βš–/ The Earthkeeper πŸ’š
Each one of our souls have come to inhabit our earthly bodies to fulfill a purpose; a divine mission that is unique and special. This combination is you discovering, or slowly unfolding what that mission is for you in this lifetime. And for you alone, not involving others though there may be some collaboration involved. Whatever “it” is, is a part of your karmic destiny, even engrained in your DNA before birth (or rebirth). This could very well be something connected with past struggles/experiences that have taught you some of your hardest life lessons. You’re being asked to tap into your deepest emotional centers not to just make discoveries, but to speak about/express your mission and purpose.
Some of you may still be unclear what your souls purpose is even after reading this, which is okay! Because for some of you the answer isn’t black and white. The advice here is to start by looking at your personal connection to the earth (what is your carbon footprint? for example), your connection to agricultural, social, economic structures, and your connection with others (inner circle/ family/strangers). Everything has been apart of your journey and your experiences are leading you closer to your purpose. There’s also the message here of recieving insight in the physical, so pay attention to synchronisites/coincidences, over heard conversations that spark “unusual” interest, messages that seem to come from strangers for example. xoxo Guided Light Tarot πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ
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