Genetics and astrology

Like genetics, astrology is likewise not predeterminstic. A natal chart could suggest a predisposition for college, however what if somebody does not have the resources to achieve their capacity due to their environment? Is this, or more usually, the social determinants, reflected in the chart? I was wondering if you think there is a relationship in between this and genetics, astrology, and perhaps even epigenetics (the study how of gene expression can alter in reaction to environment, stress, and so on and these changes may be acquired ).

I was thinking of this other day and how individuals will pay over $100 for DNA screening to inform them who they are, yet it might yield little bit appropriate details. (Yet one might seek advice from an astrologer for less and possibly more usefulness)

I have actually been questioning about the relationship in between genetics and our natal charts and how it “describes” health and habits. It is understood amongst population health studies that genes can just account for about 20% of human health. Rather, its accepted that health and behavior is a factor of the psychosocial, economic, and political environment.

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