Good Afternoon Celestial Beings… Wishing you a beautiful cleansing week as we move deeper into our…

In Deepest Gratitude for Your Sacred Witness … Fierce Love Always!

Excellent Afternoon Celestial Beings … Wishing you a beautiful cleansing week as we move deeper into our waning Moon.
Eagerly anticipating this nights workshop: Persephones Secret
Providing a safe area to come together online, feel supported and do some extensive research study in all things Mythic, Archetype and Esoteric Studies related.
We have 2 areas left.
DM me for registration information.

This evenings Lecture: Saturn/Aquarius

Soften your 3rd eye … and take a try at it and see what downloads you get. #astrology #saturn #aquarius #tarot #archetypes #safespace #sacredspace #communityempowerment #astrologer #spiritualcounselor #esotericstudies #wellness #mindfulness.

Theres a great deal of “roadway signs” … mile markers … to be keeping an eye out for throughout these “essential” times.
For this nights lecture we will be concentrating on Saturn in Aquarius (March 22, 2020):.
Well we be going over:.
limitation, discipline, slow & & purposeful development, proficiency, boundaries, borders and authoritarian styles … IN.
innovation, worldwide neighborhood, humanitarian ideologies, group mind systems, science, internet, True Freedom, visionary services and alternative lifestyle-expressions.
Workout: Interchange the above words.
Ex.: Discipline of the group mind.
Limitation of Technology.
Proficiency of Humanity.
Authoritarian Global Community.
Slow & & purposeful growth of True Freedom.

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