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Greetings beautiful friends, I’m going to be offering tarot readings - for free (for a few days) - all you have to do is send me a lil dm and we’ll go from there. After this, I’m going to begin charging for tarot readings and other metaphysical therapies. I’d also love to hear some wisdom from you guys and I will be writing posts in response to some of the topics sent in to me. By doing this I hope to create some clarity around spiritual topics and learn more from all of you fine folks. Let’s have a chat, if you’re dabbling in the intangibles, I might be able to point you in the right direction, even though there is no right or wrong, do what you want! If you’re interested you know where to go 🧚‍♂️ I promise to treat your heart nice #tarotreading #energyreading #mystical #tarot #freetarotreading #metaphysical #artspsychotherapy #arttherapy #spiritguide #soultherapy