Happy Bday to our Client, Anil Kumble Sir Before meeting us he was already successful, but Captai…

For No 8s, best Nos are 1,3,5,6. His name currently includes to 32 (5 )! He got chosen as Coach on 23rd (5) too!

He was honoured post of Chairman of BCCI cricket committee & & was the Chief Mentor with our Clients, Mumbai Indians.

For the record, no bowler in history won India more Test matches than Kumble.

Showing up, why existed disagreements & & character clashes between Kumble & & Kohli, as per Numerology #Numerology #Jumaani #jumaanified #HBDAnilKumble @anil. kumble.

He was in his 46th (1, Sun, Leadership) year when selected as Indian Coach.

Pleased Bday to our Customer, Anil Kumble Sir Prior to satisfying us he was already successful, but Captaincy had avoided him He became Capt of Test side after an altered signature & & using a Diamond as recommended Read story listed below where his partner Chetana Ji thanks us for the transformation after consultation years ago A Jumbo modification; he blended his difficult work with Numerology & & was rewarded in a substantial way too!

We recommended Jersey 37 (1) to him.
He soon ended up being Capt of RCB.

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