Happy birthday to the TWO OF DIAMONDS, the Wheeler Dealer card The 2 has an innate intuition t…

Happy birthday to the TWO OF DIAMONDS, the “Wheeler Dealer” card! The 2♦️ has an innate intuition that, if followed, will always lead them to success and show them the right path to follow. Inherent in this intuition is a high set of values and often a mission in life which always involves partners and others. There is a certain amount of ambition, usually for money, that keeps them motivated. This ambition is good because they can get into ruts at times, especially in their closest relationships. If they tap into their inner guidance, they will find a path waiting for them that is fascinating and rewarding. They do best by establishing themselves in one business and sticking with it. This is one of the most successful cards in the deck, and they have only themselves to blame if they are not happy and productive. They are called the “Wheeler Dealer” card because they love to be involved in business and finance, especially with their friends and Associates. Momager Kris Jenner is a sterling example of this in action. This is a partnership card, and these folks usually choose to work with others rather than alone. As with all TWO cards, there is an underlying fear of being alone that underlies much of what they do. Two is the number of logic, and 2♦️ have a mind that is quick at making distinctions and evaluations. They are often attracted to and good at working with computers for the same reason. It is only when the 2♦️is emotionally unfulfilled that they’re capable mind turns pessimistic and argumentative. #cardsofdestiny, #dailycard, #cardoftheday, #cards, #twoofdiamonds, #2ofdiamonds, #cardology, #cardologyreading, #tarot, #tarotreading, #astrology, #numerology, #7thunders, #mysticscience, #divination, #divinationtools, #cartomancy, #cartomancyreading, #oracle, #playingcardoracle, #A♠️

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