Happy Gemini season What do you appreciate about Geminis

(Please don’t post hateful things in the comments, there’s plenty of other posts you can do that on but this is an appreciation post). The sun just entered Gemini and so I wanted to post an appreciation post for Gemini’s since they’re one of the unappreciated signs. I’m surrounded by a lot of Gemini energy (whether it be someone’s sun, moon or any other personal planet’s sign) in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. One of my favorite things about Gemini’s is they’re constantly expanding my interests since they’re interested in various things and give great recommendations for topics they’d think I’d find interesting. They’re also amazing conversationalist, the longest conversation I’ve ever had was with my Gemini best friend where we talked 8 hours straight, and not even for a second during those 8 hours did I get bored. They’re very entertaining, interesting and just all around fun people to surround yourself with. As an Aquarius I often feel misunderstood but Gemini placements are one of the only signs who I feel really understands (or at least attempts to understand) and accepts me. Gemini’s are very open to new ideas and perspectives so they’re not one to be judgmental if you express your true unfiltered self to them. They respect individuality and give others freedom to be who they truly are. They’re also very adaptable and go with the flow and won’t be shaken if unexpected changes occur and can adjust well to them. They’re down for anything life has to offer and they’re great at coming up with amazing new adventures that the 2 of you can experience together. Gemini also makes everyone feel welcome by starting conversations with anyone, even if they don’t hang out with the same crowd as them. For example when I was in elementary school I had barely any friends, but there was a Gemini girl who was popular who would always converse with me and make me feel included whenever she was with me. I also can’t forget to mention how creative and intellectual Gemini’s are, they spread knowledge and inspire others creatively all at once. Last but certainly not least is there humor, their witty comments are shockingly hilarious and they’re definitely one of the most comedic signs there is. Happy birthday Gemini’s!

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