Happy Saturn in Aquarius Ingress

Saturn has now ingressed into Aquarius (uninterrupted this time), until March 7, 2023!

While with Saturn in Capricorn there was a fear of scarcity, having nothing, or losing everything that served as important incentives, but with Saturn in Aquarius, our focus finally turns to our connection to something larger, to systems, and more group dynamics that affect us individually in large scales. The power of group movements is likely to rise (ex: “Black Lives Matter” grew during the preview of Saturn in Aquarius when it did its ‘dipping its toes’ ingress from late march to the end of june 2020).

While Saturn in Capricorn was about self-preservation in many ways, Saturn in Aquarius is more focused on preserving the group, and making sure no one is left out.

On a more personal note, where does this ingress take place in your chart, and what are your goals for this transit? For me, it takes place in my 5th house. I hope to narrow down my multitude of interests so that I can focus more on a few things that really bring me joy in my life. I also hope to perhaps turn some of my hobbies, such as gaming, into a resource that I can use to maybe make money from. I would love to hear about what this means for you and what your goals are.

I wish you all love and support and hope that you utilize this transit (especially with Jupiter entering here too) to fulfill your goals and wishes. Best!

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