Happy Solstice, start of a new season, being gentle with ourselves

Comfort of the heart, warm house made meal, dancing with kids in backyard under a water fountain of water with sun shining on our heads, holding my kid tight while curling on the sofa with a fresh bowl of salted watermelon by my side … mothers love & & hand on my head … all of these things advise me of Cancer season.

Nest, nurture, emote deep & & soft, vacillate up & & down as I am entitled to feeling the feels of the season. And we will feel all of it.

Expression though will not be as subtle for Leos flamboyance remains in our actions & & mind. We are bound to examine, stroll back on things being stated now so be careful on over the TOP flamboyant Declarations that seem out of season.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, everything is brilliant as long as I am home with you …

We will have actually fated events with eclipses

Secure, feed, support – we all have magic in our hearts which needs safe space to reveal itself completely. Cancer season dedicates to offer simply that.

3 planets will remain in Cancer till 26th so feelings, protectionism, require for level of sensitivity will be higher

Be Gentle.

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