Have I ever told you about my lovehate relationship with horoscopes Obviously theyre delightful a…

Have I ever told you about my love/hate relationship with horoscopes? Obviously they’re delightful and entertaining and just like everyone else newspaper horoscopes were my first introduction to astrology, but as I learned more about astrology I started to really despise them for a number of reasons, but mainly because they can only be written using the whole house method and assuming everyone’s Sun is in the 1st house (this is not the method I use, so it annoys me). Anyway, I did write horoscopes for a very brief while and I just posted the ‘year ahead’ ones I wrote for 2019 in my stories. Now that 2019 is behind us go review them and let me know how I did. Read for Sun, Moon, and rising sign. #horoscopes #annualreview

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