Have I ever told you about my lovehate relationship with horoscopes Obviously theyre delightful a…

Have I ever told you about my love/hate relationship with horoscopes? Clearly theyre delightful and entertaining and much like everybody else newspaper horoscopes were my first intro to astrology, however as I discovered more about astrology I began to really despise them for a variety of reasons, but generally due to the fact that they can just be written utilizing the entire house approach and assuming everybodys Sun is in the 1st home (this is not the approach I use, so it irritates me). Anyway, I did write horoscopes for a very brief while and I just posted the year ahead ones I wrote for 2019 in my stories. Now that 2019 is behind us go review them and let me understand how I did. Read for Sun, Moon, and rising indication. #horoscopes #annualreview

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