Having trouble

Reading a book on numerology rn, and after reading the posts on here I’m still very puzzled by a lot of the mystical language.


1. The book says there are 3 important #s in my birth code. #1 is my day of birth number (6), #2 is my life purpose number (37 -> 10 -> 1) and #3 is my destiny number (82 -> 10 -> 1). Does that combination, 611, have specific significance– in that order?

2. Since I have two 1s, does that make 11? I’m confused by the meaning behind “master number 11”, and wheher or not that fits my case.

3. Getting into personal cycles, why do the separate components (birth day, then month, then year) matter? As in, what do they tie back into?

4. How many #s do I have to keep track of? 😁

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