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Hello all, today’s card Pull is the strength card.This gorgeous card is pulled from the fountain Tarot and it represents power, stamina, and spiritual strength. When this card comes up it is the universes way of telling you that you have the resources - outer and/or inner - to tackle any issues or problems. This is a card that also Denotes physical strength, so if you’re worried about your own health or somebody else’s, this strength card is a strong indicator that you or they will fully recover or be able to mitigate the symptoms to such an extent there is a real opportunity for a full quality of life. Interesting note, if this card comes up next to the lovers card then that means this couple will have a very strong physical connection -read chemistry-which will be expressed quite often & vigorously ;) You can schedule a reading at #tarot#dailyreading#tarotreading#tarotcards#tarottribe#tarotdaily#tarotreadings#tarotcommunity#tarotreaders#tarotmiami#miamispiritualcommunity#miamilife#southbeach