Hello dear Taurus Full Moon 12 November 2019Thank you Moon for your beautiful Frequency of Ligh…

Hello– dear Taurus Moon: 12 November 2019

Thank you Moon for your beautiful Frequency of Light that you show us.

The Numerology:

Appeal– Direct your mind to what makes your life lovely
Universal Love– Open your heart to Universal Love.
Light– Send moonbeams of LIGHT, release and bless.

The year 2019 and the Day is = 12, the number of Creativity and Self-Expression. Likewise carries the victim vibration
The month November = 11, the MASTER number of Enlightened Inspiration and Awakening
The Universal Day is 12 +11 +12= 35, Empowerment of Creativity and Freedom

The Astrology:
The Sun & & Moon are at 19 degrees sending out the light beam of the Prince of Heaven, Initiating Confidence through Wisdom.
The Sun in Scorpio: sending powerful secret insights to improvement
The Moon in Taurus: decrease, ground your energy, constant and slow, no need to rush.

Mantra: I am entering a brand-new stage of unstoppable blessings, that I welcome into my life, right now!

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