Hello, Loves Tomorrow at 645 AM EST we have a Full Moon in Scorpio and like all things Scorpio, …

Hello, Loves! Tomorrow at 6:45 AM EST we have a Full Moon in Scorpio and like all things Scorpio, you can expect for this one to be transformative. Scorpio is a fixed water sign and it is the ruler of emotions. Scorpio is a very passionate sign, living to experience and express emotions. Scorpio absolutely lives for the truth and reminds us to be authentic, even if the truth isn’t always pretty. With this full moon, you can expect for very uncomfortable truths of you and your own self to be revealed… there will be no hiding away. ⁣

You are also being asked to really feel into your fear. Get intimate with it. How does it show up in your body? How does it show up in your life? Fear itself is such a profound messenger, because not always – but often, it’s actually fear leads us to the path of what we desire most – of what we don’t want to lose. ⁣

This full moon will also be opposite mercury, which makes the understanding and communication of your emotions a major theme this full moon, too. How are you expressing yourself emotionally? Are you expressing your needs clearly? Are you expressing your emotions authentically without fear of rejection? And what about sexually? Scorpio is also the symbol of sex, and still too often there’s much angst around our sexual expression… how can you break that mold?
You can still listen to my latest podcast episode if you want more in depth details on the theme around this full moon. Link in bio. 🌝

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