HELLOOOOO.My name is Steven Hill.Ive been reading Tarot since May 2017 and Im OBSESSED. Its a…

I decided to create a tarot IG account! Why not??? Im so fired up to share with you something that I love so much.

Im also obsessed with all things manifestation + law of destination.


My name is Steven Hill.

I believe the tarot is suggested to help us look within. And I believe that EVERYONE has magic within them. Some simply require help accessing it, whichs where the tarot (& & myself) can be found in helpful.

Ive been reading Tarot considering that May 2017 and Im OBSESSED. Its a passion of mine that I really like.

I will be posting more as time goes on! Do not be scared to comment and present yourself!

To reserve a reading, shoot me a DM #tarot #tarotreader.

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