Here are four books that I have written, with , about astrology Karma Cards, Signs Seas…

Here are four books that I have written, with @amyzerner, about astrology: Karma Cards, Signs & Seasons, Astrology for Wellness and Sun Sign Secrets (we did a special Edition for One Spirit book club).
By using the study of astrology as a mindful practice to recharge and align your mind, body and spirit, you can help yourself to become yourself fully and to live life more fully. Astrology reconnects us to our true inner powers and helps us to empower others. 🌟🌟🌟
We are writing a new astrology book right now. I am really excited about it, as it will include Rising Signs and Moon Signs. Real astrology teaches respect and tolerance because you see how alike we all are as much as you see how different we all are. 🌟🌟🌟
Astrology can help you to understand individual character traits and the many challenging issues we all face in life, and it will also help you to deal with them successfully. Mindfulness is in knowing how to dig deep and find your Inspiration.
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