Hey guys!! We have a week that is karmic AF; this is due to aspects with Venus, the Partial Lunar Eclipse, and Mercury Retrograde transits. ⭐ Venus will make some thought-provoking aspects with Saturn and Pluto. This will be an excellent time to work on self-worth issues. These planetary Oppositions will cause you to take off those rose colored glasses and look at situations regarding money, career, and toxic relationships for what they are so you can transform. ⭐ Take a moment to look at where inner changes and clean breaks must be made from possessive partners, toxic work environments, situations where you’re feeling unloved, plus circumstances where you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and need to be liberated. It might be hard to let go of the past, but doing this will allow you to live a life where you are confident and can finally build self-worth on all levels. ⭐ But wait, there’s more!! On her hectic week, Venus will Conjunct the North Node and Trine Neptune, this is going to give us a helping hand karmically, plus bring in people we have soul connections with on a romantic level. The Nodal conjunction is going to be like hitting the reboot button in your romantic world, career, finance, and social life! Being with the Karmic points will help us move more towards our purpose. ⭐ In regards to the other planets, Mars and Mercury will connect with Chiron in a harmonious way that helps us work towards having a healthy mindset and speaking from our hearts. Mercury will take a backspin into Cancer on the 18th, so this will be our time to review what has transpired over the last 7 weeks and speak up where we might have been passive. This will also be great for understanding emotions that you could not put your finger on. Lastly, Mercury will Conjunct the Sun in an aspect called a Cazimi, which is essentially like a power-up in a video game that brings a little luck. This will shed light on something we couldn’t grasp and give us the “Aha” moment we’ve needed for the last few months. ⭐ Hope you guys have the best week ever!!