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|| High Cancers || The stoners, zoners and magic cookie Monsters of every 420 circle. Their inherent intelligence steers them away from believing in astrology, calling it a pseudo science. Probably the ones with largest collection of memes, as they’re almost always in it just for a Rofl’s, lol’s and the haha’s. . The New Moon in Cancer arrives today with a solar eclipse. This energy is meant to bring divine presence into your high life, just like the constant reality checks dished out by your cancer buds. . Lovers not fighters, this sign believes in huffing, puffing and hugging it out. Cancer posse is very alluring! If you’re lucky enough to catch a crab you’ll be hooked. There’s a reason why their sign is 69 ; ) A few puffs down, they come out of their hard shells and open up about days of the past and enjoy the nostalgia. Simple home sesh’s have their hearts. Chillers to the core, they’re usually the ones who are super cool about toking with their siblings and close bud’s like family. They enjoy a dope knit circle and love to care for it. Munchie startup idea alert! - bcz they’re usually the ones baking brownies and brewing yummy magic. Cancer being a water sign, can be defined as a bong that needs more water and attention than anyone else! . Almost ‘Godfather-ish’ in essence, they nurture but will not think twice before clawing you hard if you step on their shell. Devoted members to the group hang they are the ones with savage mouth. They ALWAYS speak the truth. When stoned, they transform into sneaky mindreaders & stoned Sherlock’s. Curiosity can drive them anxious on heavy Indicas & Sativas. Heavy THC strains are never a good idea for this transient water sign. * *Charaswati Protip*: Those of you who might not have tried CBD, do give it a go. It’ll definitely turn into your daily coffee + CBD ritual I assure! . #cancerseason #eclipse #cancer #weedart #420art #buds #ganjalove #makelovenotwar #bongbabes #stonerlife #thc #cbd #horoscope #cancer #highaf #psyart #trippy #dopeartist #visualart #illustration #420art #july #zodiacsigns #squadgoals #tribe #highsociety #potheads #dailyhoroscope #starsigns