HOROSCOPE I have read the pages of VOGUE And divined your sartorial future For the next month e…

HOROSCOPE / I have read the pages of VOGUE /And divined your sartorial future / For the next month exactly
You’ve previously ignored dainty stranded necklaces, this month tackle them head-on.
By mid-month a pink duffel coat heralds sudden changes that make shifting your position easy.
Aim higher than you think you can achieve and you’re rewarded with green suede and brown leather.
While frustrating, detours mean the arrival of a silver sequined clutch bag.
Better yet, the knowledge brought by a brown blazer prepares you for intriguing developments by the end of the month.
After that, a blue crocodile handbag brings your love life into line.
A new vision of life appears wearing mesh fingerless sports gloves, and suddenly it seems the world is your oyster.

By mid-month you’ll have abandoned your plans in favour of a sky blue cable knit.
Aim to settle questions around a deep yellow V-neck by the 21st, when you’ll have to move on to other matters.
By the beginning of next month, you’ll accept nothing less than a floaty pink day dress.
A disappointing experience with lilac pumps at the beginning of the month raises unsettling doubts.
Answers will come, but in the unexpected form of a black leather three piece suit worn with matching gloves.
In fact, as an orange bow and lemon tones usher in a new cycle, you could find yourself thinking ideas you would never have considered before.

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